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Breakout Session 1 : Undernutrition

Breakout Session 1 : Undernutrition

Background and scope

Reasonable scientific consensus exists on the effectiveness of a core package of nutrition-specific interventions in addressing the immediate causes of child undernutrition. Recognition of the need for nutrition-sensitive development that draws on diverse sectors such as agriculture, water and sanitation to tackle underlying and basic determinants of nutrition is gaining momentum.

The potential for agriculture-food systems to influence nutrition at scale is large: Agriculture and allied sectors play a crucial role in the structural transformation of economies and provision of food, livelihood and income. A wide range of studies have found agricultural growth to be the driving force in poverty reduction. But the evidence of the effectiveness of agriculture-food systems and the pathways through which they contribute to reductions in maternal and child undernutrition is just beginning to emerge.

The key questions that will be addressed in this session include:

  • What is the available evidence of the direct and indirect impacts of agriculture-food system intervention on maternal and child undernutrition?
  • What pathways are critical for strengthening agriculture-nutrition linkages?
  • What factors modify the relationship between agriculture and nutrition and how?
  • What are the current developments in methods and metrics to advance research to measure the direct and indirect impacts agriculture-food system intervention on undernutrition?
  • What are the implications of the above for effective partnerships to advance agricultural research and policy to accelerate reductions in maternal and child undernutrition?