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You can access the full program (with presentations and video) here 

Program at a glance (PDF) can be downloaded here 

screengrab of Full Program

The program featured leading perspectives on research needs, evidence and methods to better understand the contribution and impact of agriculture in improving nutrition and health.

The role of the plenary sessions was to raise the big questions in testing concepts, pathways and assumptions, followed by breakout sessions delving into these topics. Based upon an in-depth examination of individual issues, the breakout sessions reported back to the plenary providing opportunity for broad discussion. Presentaitons from both plenary and breakout sessions, were applicable, are now available online. Video of plenary sessions, including reporting back from breakout sessions, are also accessible through the Full Program link.  

You can also access the presentations online or view the videos through the links below:



Photo - Orange sweet potato can be used to make a variety of tasty products from donuts to chipati.

Photo by HarvestPlus